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Q: Do all of your Security Officers come armed?

A: They do not have to. We tailor your officers according to your requests but they are qualified just in case.

Q: Do they have to come in your black and tan uniform?

A: No they do not. They will come as you request them to.

Q: Are all your officers Military?

A: No they are not. We also recruit from the best Law Enforcement Agencies.

Q: Are all your Officers retired from their old job. 

A: No not all of them. We hire a variety of age, race, sex and religion to offer you a diverse selection of fine Officers to the job you need them too.

Q: Are there any contracts involved?

A: Yes we will have a sit down with you our client and heads of departments to discuss your security needs. Once the Officer and his/her posture is agreed upon we will draw up a contract to ensure all promises made to you are kept.

Q: How much does all this cost?

A: Each job is unique and must be treated that way. Contact us for a consultation for your specific requirements.

Q: How do you handle different situations?

A: We have a certain way we handle escalation of force. We do not go to extremes. If we can handle a situation with just our presence and verbal commands it is a good day. We have no cowboys on this team.

Q: What if I am unhappy with our contract?

A: We aim to please. We are certainly open to renegotiation at any time.

Q:Can I add to my contract at any time?

A: Yes we are willing to renegotiate more or fewer armed to unarmed and vice versa. 

Q:Do you guys operate under any Non Disclosure Agreements?

A: Yes we have a standard clause in all our contracts and with each of our officers to keep your secrets safe.

If you have any other questions not mentioned please feel free to contact us.