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We customize your Security and outfit to your needs.

 To start we take an active Pennsylvania State Police Certified 235 Agent and put him/her in our Black and Tan Uniform. Our Officers come standard with a service pistol 2 magazines and a pair of handcuffs. We carry certifications in O.C. Spray, Baton and Taser. Our Officers come with all some or none of these tools all according to your vision of your security needs.

 VetForce specializes in a variety of security needs. Whether its securing your facility and guarding your merchandise or staff to transporting your merchandise. If it is an event you are looking to secure we have that capability too. 

VIP Escorts are no problem. Many of our Officers come from a Military background with experience in Private Security Details. We will both look and act the part as we guide you to and from your destinations.

 Whatever your needs we have a plan to secure them.